2- day VIP/Corporate practical course for Flight Attendants who wish to become VIP/Corporate Cabin Crew

Your Essential Guide Online Course for Flight Attendants who wish to become VIP/Corporate Cabin Crew

1- hour Online Consulting and Personal Career Advice on becoming a VIP/Corporate Cabin Crew

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About the course

Our two day practical VIP Cabin Crew Course is aimed at candidates aspiring to enter the corporate aviation industry. It opens the gates to the VIP world, gives you an opportunity to meet the people you would not meet on a regular job and travel to the places you have never been before.

If you are already working as a Commercial Flight Attendant and wish to upgrade to VIP/Coprorate Aviation – this course is the right choice for you. It focuses on the important aspects of the role, delivering exceptional service, exceeding expectations and will introduce all candidates to new skills, tools and resources. It delivers practical training and guidance on working in the corporate aviation industry.  

When choosing a course it is very important not just to learn all the necessary service skills, but also operational knowledge and skills to be ready and prepared for your trial flight.

What are the benefits of this course?

  • You will receive a certificate
  • It is more affordable than other similar courses
  • You will get support on building your career
  • Our trainers initially come from commercial aviation and can help you to transition to business aviation
  • It will give you the most effective methods to enjoy your job on private jet and leave your customers impressed
  • You will receive a manual to use it later onboard

About me

I started flying 2004 and for the last 7 years I have been working as a Corporate Flight Attendant. I remained a commercial Flight Attendant for a while since there were no courses available. Once I made the transition, I was happy with the choice. Working as a Corporate Flight Attendant gives you a lot more free time and longer layovers and it takes you to places where you would never dream about going. One of the reasons this course was created is people have been asking me how to become a VIP Flight Attendant and there is no short anwer to this.

It is a process and there are many things you need to know and learn in order to become a VIP Flight Attendant and even I learn something new every day. Therefore this course is up to date and gives you the most relevant practical techniques and knowledge. Private Aviation has the world's most demanding clients and I have noticed the in-flight service has not always been meeting their expectations. I have come across with many different client profiles and private jet operations so this course was created to give a clear view and knowledge that people can really benefit from.

Go Private Training Courses have been receiving inquiries regarding our upcoming training courses and one of the question that keeps on coming up is “How easy is it for the cabin crew without previous VIP experience to get a job?”

Here is what we have to say to that question: Experience is great but it isn’t everything. Experience is preferred, but the industry has plenty of room for new and well trained people. In this industry a good practical training and knowledge together with the right attitude and perspective will walk you right through the door. Experience does not always make you the best candidate.

When you attend GO Private VIP Cabin Crew Course you will get exactly what you need and experience that catches the attention of prospective employers and what they are looking for.

Here is one of the candidates Helerin who had been working in a commercial airline just for a year and turned to Go Private VIP Cabin Crew Courses. She was not afraid to follow her dreams and put in the work to achieve her goals and you should not be afraid either. Don’t let fear of failure hold you back, they say fear kills more dreams than failure ever will. GO Private VIP Cabin Crew Courses gives you the confidence you need.

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Inga Saakjan
Business Owner
Corporate Flight Attendant

“What I value the most about Lilit is her honesty and sincerety, she always remains true to herself regardless what is happening around her. I appreciate her sence of humor and the ability to remain positive at any situation.

What makes Lilit different from others is her abilty to help if someone needs it, her compassion for people that are in difficult situation and at the same time be joyful for people that are happy and give that happiness for others.

Lilit is talented in many areas, not everyone can be smart and remain their sence of humor and lightness about things. Collaborating Lilit was absolutely great even in difficult situations she managed to keep a good athmosphere for everyone.

What makes Lilit’s eyes sparkle? Probably success of other people, she sincelery feels happiness for other people’s achivements. You can definitely turn to Lilit for anything, however you need to be able to see something beneficial in every situation.”

“I've known Lilit since we both worked for a commercial airline together. She is the best at keeping a great atmosphere around her, all thanks to her positive attitude and a great sense of humor.

She's very approachable and easily builds rapport with people around her. She's got plenty of flying experience and knows how to handle challenging and tricky situations that come up on, be it with related to operational needs or passenger experience. I would advise anyone looking for more information about private flying to turn to Lilit for the most up to date knowledge and expertise in this field.”

Katerina B
Founder of PetPawtraits.co
Ex- Emirates Flight Attendant